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Mental Health Association
of the  Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore School Mental Health Coalition (ESSMHC) and Salisbury University set  out this past year to conduct an assessment on the behavioral health needs of children in schools on the Eastern Shore. With Funding provided by a Maryland State Department of Education Grant, four different assessments were completed in 2015. The goal was to conduct surveys and focus groups with parents, school personnel, and community-based providers. The aim was to understand the various perspectives on behavioral health needs and barriers for school-aged children.

Kimberly van Vulpen, PhD and Amy Habeger, LCSW-C from the Social Work Department at Salisbury University are the primary investigators for this study. Forward any questions about the findings to or


MHAES leads a collaboration of school personnel, mental health providers and family run organizations to increase the well-being of all children on the Eastern Shore. The goals and objectives of ESSMHC are to develop a rural regional model of school-based behavioral health services that shares knowledge, resources and leads to improved academic outcomes for children, an engaged family support system, and teachers prepared to meet the needs of all children who enter their classrooms.

Funded by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), ESSMHC works to improve the delivery of services and results for children and youth with disabilities and their families within the four priority areas identified by the MSDE: Early Childhood, Professional Learning, Access and Equity, Progress, and Secondary Transition.

ESSMHC also hosts an annual conference in November of each year titled "Linking Mental Health to Academic Success".