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Professional Help

How to Find Professional Help to Meet Your Needs:

There is a wide range of professional help available, ranging from counselors who can help work through family problems, to the Shore Health Inpatient Behavioral Health unit in Cambridge for those who need acute short-term hospital care. In between are many trained professionals who can help assess problems and help develop plans to address them.

Listed in this section are professionals and professional organizations trained to address mental health and behavioral health problems, with information about the services and types of therapies they provide. As this information does not cover all aspects of care, you may need to follow-up with calls to several of the providers to get the information that will help you find the best fit for your needs.

If you need immediate help, call a provider that has ‘urgent care” or call the Crisis Line at 1-888-407-8018.

How to Find Professional Help You Can Afford

We asked all professionals and organizations what payment options they accept, and this information is included for each organization and professional. You will find significant differences in payment options available. Some individual practitioners only accept “private pay”. Some providers accept a whole range of payment options including private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid/Medical assistance and have sliding scales. For All Seasons and Corsica River Mental Health Servics state they accept all patients regardless of their ability to pay for services.

Some providers can help inquirers find out if they are eligible for any financial assistance to cover their costs, and may also help with the paperwork involved, if needed.

The Mid-Shore Mental Health Systems Inc. (MSMHS) has information about financial assistance programs for individuals in their Annual Guide. You can also call MSMHS at (410) 770-4801 for more information.

Professional Help Available in the Talbot County Area

The information in The Professional Help Available List has been provided by each professional or organization, and supplemented, when available, by the relevant information in the Mid Shore Mental Health Systems, Inc. (MSMHS) Annual Guide.  The MSMHS Guide also provides information about services in Dorchester, Queen Anne, Kent and Caroline Counties that are not included in our list.

“Professionals in Individual Practices” are grouped by their professional training, with explanations of each professional category, as provided by Mental Health America.