Mental Illness

How to Help a Person Who Has Mental Illness

Mental illness is slowly getting recognized as a serious problem, and people are becoming more aware of the problems that their loved ones are suffering. Mental illness is not caused by any external element, and it cannot be cured until the patient learns how to deal with it. It is still necessary to treat anyone with mental illness properly and involve with them emotionally in order to understand the root of their problem. There are certain ways how you can help a person who has a mental illness and offer them support through the tough times as mental illness has no fixed recovery date.

Have private conversations

If you want to discuss their problems, find a place which does not have a crowd around you as they might feel uncomfortable and distracted. Discuss their problems with them in privacy so they can trust you and be more open about what they are facing.

private conversations

Do chase the answers

You need to be a better listener when they are sharing their thoughts. Avoid questioning them constantly and let them say how they feel. At this point, they do not want to get interviewed, so you only become a person that they can talk to rather answering questions.

Be open and direct about problems

Do not make up things in front of a mentally ill person. If you want to ask something, be direct, so they do not stress on what you meant by your question. Be to the point while talking to them to prevent any overthinking scenarios which can cause them panic.

Relate their problems to your own

Try to share your daily problems with them in order to relate to their problems. Be empathetic and feel their how they are feeling. At no point, will a mentally ill person will expect your sympathy. Try to keep the conversations where you both are facing similar problems in life so they can open up more about what is bothering them.

Learn about the illness

Find out about the types of mental illnesses and figure out what problems they might be suffering from based on what they tell and the symptoms that you can observe. Not knowing about the types of mental illnesses can only raise misconceptions, and you may not be able to treat them the right way.

Be available to them

A person who suffers from mental illness starts losing trust over their family and friends. They feel isolated and fear that everyone is against them for made-up reasons. In such conditions, if that person calls you up to talk or comes at your place, it means that you are the only one he or she is comfortable sharing their problems with. Try to be available to them, so when they need help, they can rely on you.


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