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Mental Health Association
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Healthy New Moms

The Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD) is re-launching our Healthy New Moms Campaign this year, in response to high demand for mental health information and resources for providers, pregnant women and new moms. For more information please visit the Healthy New Moms website.

Eastern Shore Mental Health Resources for New Mothers

Eastern Shore Crisis Response & Resource Helpline – 1-888-407-8018

(call center available 24/7 for all nine counties on the Eastern Shore)

Life Crisis Center Hotline – 1-800-422-0009

PRMC 24 Hour Hotline – 410-543-7160

NEW! Online Facebook Support Group

Healthy New Moms - Eastern Shore

Other Resources in Maryland

Postpartum Support Maryland


Healthy New Moms


Postpartum Support International

Warmline: 1-800—944-4PPD


1 – 800-773-6667 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) are different than the baby blues which affect up to 80% of new mothers. With PMADs, feelings of sadness and anxiety can be extreme and might interfere with a woman’s ability to care for herself or her family. The good news is there is hope, help and treatment. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Signs and Symptoms of Depression: Before and After Childbirth

  •  Insomnia
  •  Difficulty thinking, staying on task or making decisions
  •  Feeling worthless, guilt or shame
  •  Changes in appetite or weight
  •  Overwhelming fatigue
  •  Intense anger or irritability
  •  Severe Mood swings
  •  Difficulty bonding with baby
  •  Withdrawal from family and friends
  •  Thoughts of harming self or baby
  •  Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety: Before and After Childbirth

  •  Constant Worry
  •  Feeling that something bad is going to happen
  •  Racing thoughts
  •  Disturbances of sleep and appetite
  •  Inability to sit still
  •  Physical symptoms such as dizziness, hot flashes, nausea

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms up to a year after the birth of a baby, please seek help through one of the resources listed on the other side or talk to your OB/GYN, Pediatrician, or Health Care Provider.