Best Online Therapy Sites

Best Online Therapy Sites

Unlike in the past, where you had to visit your therapist’s office, today, many people access this service online. On the internet, there are multiple online therapy sites/apps- some free and others covered by insurance. These online therapy platforms are here to help individuals, families, and couples, regardless of age, cope with emotional problems such as, but not limited to, addiction, marital conflicts, trauma, depression, loneliness, dating issues, grief, mental health, and more. Read on to find out which are some of the best therapy sites currently available.

What Are The Factors to Consider?

Before we jump right at it, here’s how we compiled our list of the best online therapy sites. First, we checked the reviews and ratings of these websites on review sites such as Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Client Reviews. Second, there is the user experience different sites offer- how are their technology updates, communication system, and site layout? Thirdly, we reviewed the affordability of these websites, not forgetting their terms and conditions- is their support staff reliable? Can I cancel the subscription at free will? Can I select the preferred provider? Any hidden charges?

Which are the Best Online Sites? – Check the Reviews Below

Conventional therapy is quite different from e-therapy by a wide margin. These websites and apps are structured to make therapeutic care more convenient. They make the sign-up process easy, no need to break your schedule to visit the therapist, easy to switch therapist or cancel a session, and above all, enhance affordability. Now that you have all consideration in check, and ready to try out online therapy, here are some reviews of the best online therapy apps and sites.

  1. BetterHelp

One exciting feature about BetterHelp is that one can select a preferred therapist and the one-on-one interaction with the therapist. There are various factors one should consider when creating a profile for a particular therapist on this site. Some of these specifications include gender, race, religious beliefs, LGBTQ community, teens, specialty in specific therapeutic needs such as trauma, depression, relationship therapy, and more.

Different therapy models offered include Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Inter-personal therapy, and Individual-centered therapy, just to name a few. The therapists are experienced in handling mental health disorders, groups, and individuals. Furthermore, BetterHelp’s communication depicts a sense of personality.

BetterHelp– Online Therapy Services Review

BetterHelp has a wide array of therapists (over 8,000) they can assign you to. The site guarantees to pair one with the most suitable therapist, and if you feel not yet comfortable about the one they assigned you with- you can request a swap. All their counselors are licensed and board-certified therapists. Moreover, their therapists are well-educated- all counselors must attain a Doctor’s or Master’s degree, 3-year minimum practice, and over 2,000 training hours.

According to a Berkley Well-Being Institute study, the e-therapy service offered by BetterHelp is as effective as other conventional therapy sessions. This study reveals that about 98% of members showed significant improvement from these sessions, and over 94% recommended e-therapy in preference to traditional, face-to-face meetings. Besides, more than 70% of their members testified to elevated depression symptoms.

What are BetterHelp’s Charges?

BetterHelp offers group therapy sessions for its members in more than 20 topics, which is inclusive in your membership charges. As compared to other online therapy websites, BetterHelp is quite affordable, with a weekly subscription fee of $35 to $70. This subscription plan is inclusive of unlimited messaging, video, and phone therapy sessions with your therapist.

Besides, members receive a 10% discount for a subscription renewal. Also, they offer financial support for those who cannot afford the service. You can choose an annual, monthly, or quarterly subscription plan. If you wish to cancel your subscription plan, you can quickly do so at any time.

Does BetterHelp Accept Insurance Covers?

BetterHelp emphasizes that they do not accept insurance covers for e-therapy services. Nevertheless, insurance can cover part of your cost, depending on the treatment plan. Note that BetterHelp first requires your therapist to diagnose you with a particular condition, before insurance can cover it. Furthermore, your therapist might be required to send medical record copies as proof to your insurance company.

How is their Website Compatibility?

The BetterHelp app is compatible with Android, PC, and iOS. It works quite efficiently, and you can easily select therapists, manage accounts, engage in live chats, video/phone sessions, etc. Furthermore, the website is easily navigable and secure.

Finding A Therapist on BetterHelp?

To startup, the site will match you with an assistant who will inquire about your history with therapy, why you need a therapist, and any preferences you would like considered (in case you want a particular therapist type- you should disclose here).

After this conversation, they send a patient form, which resembles the conventional new patient therapy form, which you have to fill and submit, then wait to be paired with your requested provider. This whole process will happen in less than 24 hours, making it quite convenient for persons with busy schedules suffering from psychological issues and those who want immediate therapeutic care.


Online Therapy’s website emphasizes mainly on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT emphasizes that one’s behaviors and emotions are not affected by external factors but individual thoughts. Unlike other online therapy websites, which are conventional therapeutic care offered through online means, Online- is an online worksheet that includes video tutorials, live chats, action plans, and therapy sessions. Therapy Services Review

This online therapy website comprises of practitioners, Cognitive-behavioral therapists, consultant therapists, and customer service. These professionals incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to provide emotional support. With a membership program, you can access their therapy program, daily action plan, monitoring tests, and reach out to your therapist at any time, weekdays.

Website Compatibility

One downside of Online- is that it does not have an app. Instead, members access their accounts directly on Android, PC, or iOS devices. A member can request for video/phone appointments, texting through the online portal.

What Are’s Charges?

This website offers excellent user experience, at a $39.95 weekly subscription. For a startup, Members pay $31.96 per week, having factored the 20% initial subscription discount. This plan has limited access to a therapy program and contact with your therapist. Unlike BetterHelp, this plan offers no one-on-one therapy session, or live chats.

For these exclusive services, you need to up your monthly subscription to either $47.96 or $63.96. Online- has no free online therapy services, but in case you are not satisfied with their service, your money is refundable within 14 days.

Finding a Therapist on Online-

To get started, you need to create an account on the website, then start scrolling through their programs. You can proceed to request for a live chat, call, or video with your assigned therapist. Note that you have full-time access to yoga and guided meditation videos. The therapist is free to any questions you might have and will offer feedback for your monitored progress.

  1. Talkspace

talkspace site

Talkspace ranks us our #3 best online website, with a striking similarity to BetterHelp; it maintains membership privacy for users who want to remain anonymous. The site uses a shrink matchmaker to match a member with their preferred therapist.

Talkspace: Online Therapy Services Review

During the initial startup, the virtual matchmaker requests for information on your previous therapeutic care history, why you need it, and any particular considerations you might prefer. Similar to BetterHelp, you have to fill and submit a form before being paired with your preferred therapist. One upside of Talkspace is that the registration process is quite fast, hence beneficial for those under tight schedules and people requiring urgent care.

Website Compatibility

Talkspace has an app compatible with PC, Android, and iOS devices. There are complaints about crashing and bugging of previous app versions. However, the new updated versions have countered these issues. You can link up using unlimited chat with your therapist on this app.

What Are Talkspace Charges?

The subscription plan starts at $49 weekly, and $196 monthly for messaging-only, and $65 for a 30-minute live therapy. For the unlimited subscription plan, it goes for $316 monthly, $79 weekly, or $316 monthly for Couples therapy. Unlike other websites, Talkspace does not offer a free trial plan.

Talkspace accepts some major US insurance covers but varies for some individual plans. Check with the website to check if your policy is covered. Members are required to make payments either through PayPal or credit card.

Finding a Therapist on Talkspace

To startup, you just need to log in to their website and create an account. You should provide information on your needs and preferred provider’s particulars through a live chat.

They will match you with your therapist within 24 hours. Therapists are accessible full-time through phone, message, video, and chat.

FAQs about Online Therapy

Here are some of the most asked questions on online therapy charges, insurance policies, operation, and therapy sites.

What Is Online Therapy?

Unlike conventional face-to-face therapy, online therapy is all therapeutic services offered on digital mediums. These online platforms provide certified and licensed therapists through phone calls, emails, videos, and more- depends on members’ preferences.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

For startup, consider your preferred mode of communication, and personality. For instance, do you prefer a phone call or video conferencing? If you are new to online therapy, it is recommendable to try various communication modes to find which works for you. In online therapy, all you need is subscribe to a website, get matched with a therapist, and proceed to schedule sessions.

Is Online Counselling Safe?

Online counseling is entirely secure- you can receive services as an anonymous party, making it more effective. Some of the factors to consider to determine a secure online therapy site include up-to-date encryption, HIPPA requirements compliance, security protection (URL with https).

Is Online Therapy Legit?

According to a study by Berkeley University, online therapy is as effective as face-to-face conventional therapeutic care. When reviewing an online therapy website, check their Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau ratings to find out more about the upsides and downsides.

Is Online Therapist Legit?

Various online therapy websites have minimum set requirements for a therapist to qualify as part of their team. Some set qualifications include doctorate or master’s degree, state licensing, 2,000 minimum hour practice, and internal reviews. Although these sites advertise their therapists as qualified, you must cross-check with the state.

Is Online Therapy Worth? Is it Effective?

Studies reveal that online therapy, when performed well, is just as effective as conventional therapy. Some pros accompanying online therapy include affordability, a wide range of therapists, and ease of switching counselors.

Conventional Therapy vs. Online Therapy: How effective is Online Therapy?

This online therapy websites have a wide array of pre-qualified professionals. They include psychologists, psychiatrists, associates, marriage and family therapists, and clinical social workers. You must ensure the site abides by HIPAA requirements.

FAQs about Online Therapy Pricing

Excellent service should offer good value for your money. Here are some of the FAQs on pricing.

What is The Pricing of Online Therapy?

As compared to conventional therapy, this online form is quite affordable. Check on the pricing reviews of BetterHelp, Talkspace, and Online- Therapy. Com highlighted earlier in the article.

Is Therapy Worth the Money?

The sites match you with the most suitable therapist, but the session’s effectiveness will depend on the client’s willingness. In therapy, there is no 100% guarantee.

Is Online Therapy Cheap?

BetterHelp offers the most affordable online therapy plan, at $35-$70 weekly costs. This subscription plan is far cheaper than conventional therapy, which charges $80-$200 plus. Besides, BetterHelp other online websites such as Talkspace and Online- also offer favorable subscription terms.

Can I Seek Financial Assistance for Online Therapy?

If you cannot pay the wholesome amount, you can check if they accept insurance covers, ask for discounts, look for community therapy services, support groups, and local therapeutic training sessions.

Can I find Free Online Therapy?

Despite mentioning that some of these online therapy websites offer a free trial, you have to subscribe to quality therapeutic care.

Which Online Therapy Sites are HIPAA Compliant?

Some of the HIPAA compliant platforms are Talkspace, BetterHelp, Amwell, MDLive Behavioral Health, and more.

Which are the Best Online Therapy Sites for Therapists?

Working with online therapy sites is quite beneficial for therapists, not mentioning it saves on hiring costs. Some advantages to BetterHelp include working at home, flexibility, and 100% HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, the website handles everything to do with finances so that the therapists can focus on their service administration.

Final Remarks

Perhaps this article is what you have been looking for if you are looking to start on online therapy. Based on vital factors such as pricing, website usability, customer support, and more, we have reviewed some of the best online therapy websites out there.

Our #1 website is BetterHelp, but don’t get me wrong- Online- and Talkspace also offer quality services. Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself to only these three websites, do some extensive research and find out what site matches what you are looking for.

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