To Promote Mental Health through Support, Education, Programs and Advocacy.


The Mental Health Association in Talbot County envisions a Mid-Shore Community with individuals, families.


Provide information regarding mental health resources available to consumers and their families.


Event Committees:

We host an annual Antiques Show every spring that is our major fundraiser. If you have an interest in antiques please consider joining us. Many opportunities exist in planning this event.


Office Help:

From time to time we work on special office projects that are more than our small staff can handle. If you have extra time available and like to work in a friendly, casual atmosphere.

Financial Information

Documents and information submitted to the State of Maryland under the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act.

-Hundreds of members and individual donors
-Annual Antique Show fundraiser for MHATC
-The United Fund of Talbot County
-The Mid-Shore Community Foundation

Mental Health First Aid

The necessary first aid to deal with any panic or mental stress.

Kids On The Block

Learn to take care of your children from an early age to never let them face depression.

Learn The Symptoms Of A Mental Illness

Educate yourself with the types of mental illnesses and their symptoms.

Mental Health Disorders

Diagnose your own mental health disorders and create solutions for yourself.


Veterans Program


Distinguished Speakers


Support Groups



A Mental Illness

The signs and symptoms of mental disorders, and provides individuals with the tools to respond to a psychiatric crisis


Learn what causes anxiety and nervousness in a person and what leads to its amplification.

Substance Abuse

Learn about the mental side effects of substance abuse and grow the strength to come out clean.


Find the symptoms of depression and follow these easy exercise to keep your brain calm and neutral.

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    Distinguished Speakers

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